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    • Non-contact Thermometers (Pyrometers)

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      The series 8 pyrometers are high-quality, battery driven portables for non-contact temperature measurement between 250 and
      2500°C. The pro series is a revision of the 15 years proven plus series. The instruments feature fully digital signal processing,
      resulting in wider temperature ranges as well as higher accuracy. With the additional integrated graphic display the measuring
      results can be shown and
      analyzed directly on site.
      The aluminium die-cast housing is specially designed for the daily use under rough industrial conditions. The easy focusable precision
      optics provides small spot sizes for measuring distances between 500 mm and ∞. The bright, optimized view finder with
      exact spot indication and built-in temperature display facilitates the accurate aiming on the object.
      Moreover, the large measurement data storage offers the best possibility for subsequent interpretation of the measured values.
      The extremely short response time of 1 ms allows exact measurements of fast moving objects and a very quickly detection of
      temperature differences. The maximum temperature can be stored in the built-in peak picker (maximum value storage).

      ● Very robust aluminum die-cast housing for use in
      rough environments
      ● Focusable precision optics for adjusting smallest
      spot sizes
      ● Temperature display on the housing, in the view
      finder and on the multifunctional display sideways
      ● Large data storage for subsequent analysis of
      measuring data
      ● Integrated maximum value storage to determine
      the peak value achieved during a measuring series
      ● Extremely short response time for measurements
      on fast-moving objects
      ● USB interface for using the optional anaylizing
      software PortaWin
      Temperature ranges IS 8 pro: 600 to 1800ºC (MB18)
      750 to 2500ºC (MB25)

    • Single chamber (Fixed Gradient) kilns – TG.9F

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      On the left is the TG.9F. The purpose of this gradient kiln is to obtain a series of temperature readings from samples during a single firing cycle. The style of kiln is ideal for trials of ceramic glazes, colours and clay bodies, insulators and sanitaryware etc.
      In this style of kiln a fixed gradient of approximately 20/25°C would be apparent between each of the nine measuring point. Overall there is an approximate gradient of 180°C across the nine thermocouples between the “hot” and “cold” ends.
      As standard the TG.9F kilns incorporate a TCS1 microprocessor controller, able to store 99 programs with up to 99 segments per programme, offering total flexibility in the firing curve.
      A chart recorder can be fitted as an optional extra (as shown)


    • Tank for determining resistance to frost, model DFR/60 and DFR/120

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      Stainless steel tank and clima?c cell. Large clearances within the cabinet and easy access to the tank and clima
      ?c cell, guarantee comfortable maintenance.
      – Clima?c tank capacity: test sample up to the maximum size 60 x 120 cm complying with the norm UNI EN ISO
      – Double overlapping tray for large and small sizes
      – Complete submersion in water of the test samples
      – Control panel with touch screen
      – Video-graphic recorder with display and data storing on compact
      Flash (data processing sofware included) for recording the temperatures
      of the tank, reservoir and room
      – nr.1 pre-set program that cannot be changed for the test complying
      with the norm UNI EN ISO 10545-12
      – Storage of 9 customized programs

      Se?able parameters from the operator:
      • Nr frost/defrost cycles
      • Sample temperature (up to -20,0°C)
      • Cooling hysteresis
      • Cooling gradient
      • Keeping under zero
      • Stay ?me in water immersion
      • Water hea?ng temperature (up to +40,0°C)
      • Water hea?ng hysteresis
      – 2 languages can be selected (Italian and English)
      – Temperature measurement units expressed in °C with 0.1°C-resolu?on
      – Displaying of the test status and of the temperatures in real ?me
      – Reservoir water level indicator
      – Lighted and acous?c signalling tower
      – External RS 232 C serial output of the videographic recorder (communica on so ware excluded)
      – Power supply:400 V three-phase 50 Hz+N+PE 32A

    • TG.6 Mk III

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      Specifically designed for frit trial firing, the TG6 Mk III is available in two maximum design temperatures, 1300ºC and 1400ºC. Both kilns incorporate the following features essential for frit trials.
      6 individual chambers
      Individual thermocouple and relay to each chamber
      Programmable flexible gradient between individual chambers
      Spiral wound kanthal elements
      TCM2 microprocessor controller managing the firing process
      Thermocouple automatically lowered into crucible con-taining sample frit on closure of the door
      Optional Equipment
      Chart recorder
      Software/hardware for data logging to PC (Windows XP)