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    AFlow Extrution Plastomester Zwick

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    The Aflow is noted for having a high degree of automation: whether simple cleaning and defined pre-compacting at the press of a button, or infinitely settable test loads – the Aflow adapts to your test tasks. The extrusion plastometer supports all globally common standards and procedures, including ISO 1133, ASTM D 1238 according to Methods A, B, C and D.

    The pneumatic precompacting feature allows the polymer to be defined and evenly precompacted at the press of a button – saving time and effort. Furthermore, testXpert II determines the test results in the automatic parameter control, so that the Aflow automatically selects the correct test parameters. This precompacting feature gives you a high degree of user independence even if the testers change often. To further accelerate the test procedure after the test, you have the possibility to eject the remaining material from the extrusion barrel with a force of up to 80 kg and then to clean the extrusion barrel with a pneumatic cleaning device at the press of a button. Space-saving, multi-device operation lets you connect up to six Aflow or Mflow extrusion plastometers to a PC. Of course, you can also use the Aflow in Stand Alone Mode without a PC.

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    Product Description

    • Fast cleaning and defined pre-compacting at the press of a button
    • The test loads can be infinitely set from 0.325 kg to 50 kg
    • With automatic parameter control (APC), the Aflow selects the test parameters to determine the optimized test results – the result is fewer measurement errors
    • The remaining material can be ejected from the extrusion barrel with a force of up to 80 kg
    • Time-saving, multi-stage tests according to Method D: Several tests with different weight stages can be carried out with a single barrel filling
    • The precise temperature distribution in the extrusion barrel corresponds to ISO 1133 Part 1 and Part 2
    • The swiveling testing tower locks automatically in the cleaning or testing position
    • Ergonomic operation: The swiveling and detachable specimen hopper is ideally suited for rapid filling of the extrusion barrel and also for quick and easy ejection of the remaining test granulate
    • In Stand Alone Mode, results can be quickly and easily read without a PC


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    Technical data of the instruments
    Power consumption : 600 W
    Compressed air, oiled, dry : 6 - 10 bar
    Weight : 130 kg (all equipment included)
    Dimensions: height x width x depth 1200 x 580 x 600 mm (incl. cleaning, all equipment included)
    Keypad Pressure point – plastic foil keypad
    Display LCD-Graphic display, back-lit
    Number of parameter sets storable 35

    •  USB for connection
    • RS 232interface for raw data export, data output: serial number, specimen number, number of cuttings, density (operator input), density at test temperature, total weight of extrudate, MFR median value, MVR median value, MFR and MVR individual values
    • RS 232-interface to connect a analysis scale from the Zwick product range

    Operational ranges
    Test loads : 0.325 up to 50 kg
    Temperature range : +50 up to +450 °C
    Error limits
    Temperature accuracy in the area of 0 to 75 mm over the orifice in the temperature range of 50°C to 450°C < 0.3 °C with distance and with time, acc. to ISO/CD 11322
    Temperature display resolution : 0.1 °C
    Error limit of time measurement (Method A) : ±0.02 s using automatic extrudate cutter
    Error limit of time measurement (Method B) : ±0.001 s

    Error limit of travel measurement (Method B) : ±0.02 mm (ISO 1133) or ±0.4 % of 6.25 mm (ASTM D 1238)
    Resolution of the travel measurement (Method B) : < 0.0005 mm
    Multiple instrument operation on one PC
    Available minimum RAM 1.54 GB
    Processor 3 GHz
    Up to 6 Aflow Extrusion Plastometers can be connected to one PC.

    Further accessories

    Description Item number
    Protective shield, for absorption of separate specimen parts 032303
    Maintenance unit, for air drying and oiling of non-conditioned air 044307