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    • Arctic Super Store

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      Starting with 58m2 and increasing with 29m2 per unit there is almost no limit on the size of the installation. Suitable for use inside, outside or connected to buildings. Using purpose designed and manufactured 40’ container modules Arctic SuperStore combine the many advantages that containers have with the flexibility of wide body storage modules and more.
      The Super2 model has 42 UK/51 EU pallet capacity. If you are short of space SuperStore can be stacked on top of each other.

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    • Ario 35

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      Zhermack Spa, founded in 1981, offers cutting edge materials and solutions for impressions in the surgery and laboratory, in this way positioning itself among the most important companies in the dental sector.


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    • Ashing Furnaces with Flap Door or Lift Door LV 3/11 – LVT 15/11

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      The ashing furnaces LV 3/11 – LVT 15/11 are especially designed for ashing in the laboratory. A special air intake and exhaust system allows air exchange of more than 6 times per minute. Incoming air is preheated to ensure a good temperature uniformity.

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    • Assay Furnaces N 25/13 CUP N 8/13 CUP

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      These furnaces are especially used for the assay of precious metals and ashing processes where the insulation and heating must be protected from emerging gasses and vapours. The furnace chamber forms a ceramic muffle which can easily be replaced. The assay furnace is equipped with an integrated exhaust hood above the furnace door for connection to and exhaust sytem.

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    • AUTOCLAVE GT series

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      Autoclave for crazing test of glazed ceramic tiles, maximum
      sizes 350×365 mm or 550x650mm, according to UNI EN ISO
      10545-11, BSI standard.
      Laboratory instrument for the cracking test (micro-cracking of
      glaze) on tiles after water-steam, test by the use of a coloured
      substance over the glazed surface. The pressurized sampleholder
      is all made from stainless steel AISI-304 suitably insulated
      with rock-wool, while the supporting frame from steel,
      epoxy painted.
      Thanks to the programmable microprocessor the unit can carry
      out a serial of standardized cycles in conformity to UNI EN
      ISO 10545-11 norm but also custom-wanted cycles as the
      user may wish to do.


      General features:
      – Container made all stainless steel AISI-304
      – Working cycle standard program according to UNI EN ISO 10545-
      11 norm and personalized cycles.
      – Max working pressure: 11 bar (183.2º C)
      – Electrical heating with minimum inertia
      – Cooling by coil water controlled by a solenoid valve
      – Cover closing by means of hand small wheels and VITON gasket
      Net weight 130 kg.
      Supplied tests holding basket in AISI-304.


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      BMQ provide a wide range of auxiliary materials for the decoration of Ceramic and Glass.


    • Balancing TBR/LTR/PCR Tire testing machine

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      Standard testing and OEM testing according to the test procedures of the automotive companies. Customized Uniformity, Balancing and Run-out testing according to the tire manufacturers internal test standards:

      • Tire static and dynamic balancing

      Functional principle for Uniformity PC, Light Truck, Truck and Bus Tire

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    • CFlow Extrution Plastomester Zwick

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      Applicational range

       The Cflow is a compact instrument that allows rapid determination of the Melt mass flow rate of plastics. It is specifically designed for the processors of plastics that are less subject to extrusion tests and which do not require a connection to a PC.

      The temperature control of the heating elements, the heating chamber and the extrusion barrel are perfectly matched to each other. The temperature is generated where it is needed. That ensures an excellent distribution of temperature across the full height of the barrel from the outset.

      Rapid device control is facilitated by the test granulate contained in the scope of delivery. Addition control options are available for the temperature in the extrusion barrel, for the diameter of orifices and barrels with plug gages. An automatic or manual extrudate cutter, a separating door and a die plug are optionally available for the Cflow.

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    • Chamber Furnaces with Brick Insulation or Fiber Insulation LH 15/12 – LF 120/14

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      The chamber furnaces LH 15/12 – LF 120/14 have been trusted for many years as professional chamber furnaces for the laboratory. These furnaces are available with either a robust insulation of light refractory bricks (LH models) or with a combination insulation of refractory bricks in the corners and low heat storage, quickly cooling fiber material (LF models). With a wide variety of optional equipment, these chamber furnaces can be optimally adapted to your processes.

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    • CLine material testing machines Z005 up to Z010

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      Item number Fmax

      Z005                                     Z010

      1006325                               1006326

      5 kN                                          10 kN

      Power ratings
      Electrical connections 230 VAC (1 PH, N, PE)
      Range of tolerance ± 10 %
      Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
      Power rating 0,7kVA                                  0,8kVA
      EMC characteristics Conforms to the relevant highest requirements of EN 63126-1
      (Class B immunity, Class A emitted interference)

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    • Container Spacing Device

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      The Container Spacing Device (CSD) offers a positive method to space containers that are transported on a table top conveyor. This compact device is compatible with round and non-round containers and is ideal for providing bottle spacing or line flow control.

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    • Density Comparator

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      The Density Comparator offers a proven, accurate and reliable method for determining the density of glass and related materials for routine control of composition. This compact table-top device utilizes the Sink-Float approach to determine the density of a sample in accordance with ASTM Standard Method C729.

      With the Density Comparator, up to 6 samples can be tested simultaneously. A circulating water bath with automatic and manual heating controls, as well as a cooling coil for rapid system cooling provides the means for precise temperature control of samples and medium according to test requirements.

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